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Editorial API

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The Editorial API offers access to Edmunds.com’s award-winning editorial content, including articles, editor reviews and road tests. This shouldn’t be confused with consumer-generated vehicle rating and reviews and dealership ratings and reviews. The content in the Editorial API is created and managed by the Edmunds.com editorial team.

If you haven’t yet, this might be a good time to read the API Overview page to familiarize yourself with some of the core concepts required to using the API.

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Quick Start

Let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s a few REST calls that should get you started using the API with ease. You could copy and paste these calls into your browser, add your API key to them and then press ENTER! . It will make your development life with the Edmunds API much easier :)

Example 1: Get the latest five articles in the car news category

https://api.edmunds.com/v1/content/?category=car+news&limit=0%2C5&fmt=json&api_key={your API key}

Example 2: Get the latest ten articles on Lexus RX-350 2013

https://api.edmunds.com/v1/content/?make=lexus&model=rx-350&year=2013&limit=0%2C10&fmt=json&api_key={your API key}

Example 3: Get the Edmunds Editor Review of the BMW X5 2013

https://api.edmunds.com/v1/content/editorreviews?make=bmw&model=x5&year=2013&fmt=json&api_key={your API key}

Example 3: Get the Edmunds Expert Content of the Honda Civic 2018

https://api.edmunds.com/api/editorial/v3/makes/honda/models/civic/years/2020/expertcontent?api_key={API key}

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Special Requirements

Edmunds.com’s Editorial Content consists of articles (“Articles”) that are the copyright property of Edmunds.com, Inc., and we have special requirements for the use of the Articles.

The following meta tag should be added to all of your pages that display an Article:

<link href="/{URL SUPPLIED WITH THE ARTICLE}" rel="canonical" />
<!-- The URL SUPPLIED WITH THE ARTICLE is the URL of the content you’re displaying on your site. The URL is provided in the response object you’ll receive when you make a REST call request. -->
<!-- The meta tag needs to exist in the <head> section of your page. -->

Each Article you elect to display must be displayed in the form it is provided, i.e., it may not be edited, supplemented or abridged.

The “date published” and/or “date revised” that accompanies each Article may not be removed or altered, and should be displayed above the Article.

Each Article should be accredited as follows: “From Edmunds.com” at the top of the article (i.e., below the article’s title and above the “date published”), in a font size not smaller than the font size that you use for the text of the Article.

The following notice should be affixed to the end of each Article: “Copyright Edmunds.com, Inc. All rights reserved. First published on www.edmunds.com and reprinted with permission. Edmunds and the Edmunds.com car logo are registered trademarks of Edmunds.com, Inc.”

Each Article should be refreshed not less often than once every 30 days, in order to obtain updates and revisions by Edmunds.com.

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Available Resources

The Editorial API has three resources:

Resource Name Description
Articles Articles written by the Edmunds staff. These can be found either by article category and/or by the vehicle’s make/model/year.
Editor Reviews Edmunds Editor Reviews including pros, cons, “Edmunds Says”, and more. Reviews are found by car make/model/year.
Expert Content Get expert content for make/model/year.

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Available Article Categories

  • auto finance
  • awards
  • best cars lists
  • car news
  • car buying
  • car leasing
  • car technology
  • driving
  • editor reviews
  • extended warranties
  • fuel economy
  • how-to advice
  • insurance
  • maintenance & repair
  • road tests
  • selling
  • top 10 lists
  • vehicle safety
  • warranties

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Granular Editor Review Components

When using the Editor Reviews resource, you will get the review broken into smaller chunks that makes it easy for you to take what you want out of it. The full review will also be included.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Edmunds Says
  • Safety
  • Powertrain
  • What’s New
  • Driving and Handling
  • Video Review
  • Full Review

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API Uses

  • Get all articles in a specific category
  • Get all articles for a specific make/model/year
  • Get all articles for a specific make/model/year and specific category
  • Get the Edmunds Editor Review of a specific make/model/year
  • Get the Expert content of a specific make/model/year

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