I was notified that my API key is being disabled. Why?

As our API developer base has grown, an increasing amount of our engineering resources have been required to support the open API Program, and thereby diverted from our business. To refocus our engineering efforts and to better align ourselves with the evolving needs of our car shoppers, dealers and automotive advertisers, we are retiring our open API Program. You can read our full announcement here.

Are there any exceptions to Edmunds’ decision to retire the open API program?

No. Going forward, access to our data and other information will be limited to select strategic partners, service providers, dealers and automotive advertisers to the extent consistent with our overall business strategy.

How am I going to power my application after February 15, 2018?

There are many other organizations that provide similar services. Click here to request more information.

How do I qualify as a select strategic partner or service provider?

We have notified those who qualify as a strategic partner or service provider with further instructions. Unfortunately, if you are not already a strategic partner or service provider, your API access will be disabled effective February 15, 2018.

How can I establish API access?

We’re not currently accepting new applicants at this time.

Will you be accepting new applicants in the future?

No, we do not expect to be able to accommodate new applicants in the future.

I’m an Edmunds dealer partner. How do I get access?

You should contact your Edmunds Account Executive and let them know you need API access. Your Account Executive will be able to route your request accordingly.

I develop websites or services for dealerships. Can I have access?

The dealership should request API access on your behalf by contacting their Edmunds Account Executive. The dealership should make it clear who is going to be using the API key and for what purpose.

Do you have a paid tier?

No, we do not have a fee-for-service model.