The API affiliate NETWORK

Welcome to the API Affiliate Network.
You've been using our data in your applications to add value to your customers. Now you can make money doing it!
Affiliate Network

Who's Eligible?

You are eligible to earn money through the Edmunds API Affiliate Network if:

  1. You are a registered API Developer based in the United States
  2. Have a web site that attracts visitors who are interested in buying new cars

The Edmunds API Affiliate Network allows other sites' visitors to interact with car dealers using trusted, established tools and services. Developers who become Edmunds API Affiliates earn $8 for every new car lead form and $5 for every used car lead form completed on the site because of their referrals.

Why Join?

  • Earn Money!

    This should be a no-brainer :)
    Who doesn't like to make money? 

    • offers one of the highest commissions in the automotive category.
    • Custom commision terms and bonus incentives available to top affiliates.
    • 30-day referral period so that Affiliates earn all commissions they deserve.
    • New revenue-generating products for Affiliates will be added to the program soon.
  • Dedicated Support and Promotional Opportunities
    • Affiliate partners have access to a variety of banners, text links and widgets to support extensive promotion.
    • A full-time employee is dedicated to providing Affiliate partners with the support they need to optimize placements and increase conversion rates.
  • Partner With Leader in The Field
    • is the number one source of new car leads in the industry.
    • Since 1966, millions of consumers have turned to Edmunds when car shopping.
    • is the most comprehensive source of automotive information available to consumers.
    • is the Internet's pioneer and leader in providing unbiased automotive information, tools and services for consumers.

What are The Program Rules?

  1. Only U.S. based affiliates are accepted into the program. 
  2. Only websites and apps that are live will be accepted 
  3. Incentive websites and apps are not eligible to participate 
  4. Use of the name and trademark in an email marketing campaign is prohibited 
  5. Search bidding on the Edmunds trademark or any variation of use of the trademark as title, display URL and description of a paid search listing is prohibited.


Join the Edmunds API Affiliate Network through our trusted third-party affiliate tracking partner, Commission Junction. Please fill out the form below to let us know you're interested in joining the Edmunds API Affiliate Network. A member of our team will contact you within 2 business days to give you more details and answer any questions you may have.


Have questions, comments or suggestions? Contact the Edmunds API Affiliate Network team.