Api documentation

Api documentation

Price: Incentives and Rebates

Price: Incentives and Rebates
This resource is about getting incentives and rebates for vehicles. To fully understand the data you get back from the endpoints available in this resource, you will need to understand a few key concepts, like what incentives types, source types and content types there are.


Incentives Types


Incentives Source Types (i.e. sourceType)

  • AAA
  • AARP
  • Aged Inventory
  • American Quarter Horse Association
  • APR
  • Auto Show
  • Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)
  • Bonus Cash
  • Conquest
  • Customer Cash
  • Customer Cash or APR
  • IUPA and NAPO
  • Lease Bonus Cash
  • Lender
  • Loyalty
  • Military
  • Mobility
  • National Thoroughbred Racing Association
  • NCAF (National Community Action Foundation)
  • NRA
  • Percentage
  • Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Association
  • Preferred Price
  • Service Roundtable Association
  • Student/College Grad
  • Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association
  • Texas Coastal Conservation Association
  • Trade Assistance

Incentives Content Type (i.e. content_type)

content_type Description
Customer APR A loan, offered by the manufacturer’s captive finance company, at a below-market interest rate. Normally eligibility is limited based on the customer’s credit worthiness.
Customer Bonus Cash Customer cash, with specific requisites, that may or may not be combined with other incentives. Examples include college grad cash and military cash.
Customer Cash A rebate offered by the manufacturer to the customer to adjust downward the net price of the vehicle.
Customer Cash or APR A choice of the customer between Manufacturer to customer cash incentive and a customer low APR loan.
Customer Cash and APR A combination of a customer rebate and a low APR loan. Customer Cash or APR A choice of the customer between a rebate and a low APR loan.
Lease A special lease that is offered by the manufacturer to stimulate sales by lowering the customer’s monthly payment through subsidizing the vehicle’s Residual Value or Money Factor.
Text Only Incentives that don’t involve a specific customer cash, or APR figure. For example, an incentive to receive a free Ipod would be text only.

The primary property in the response will always be false when the contentType is Customer APR or Lease or Customer Cash And APR

The primary property CAN be set to true when contentType is Customer Cash or Customer Bonus Cash or Customer Cash or APR (but primary doesn’t always equal true just because the contentType is mentioned above.)

When contentType is Customer Bonus Cash AND primary is false, then it is best to check sourceType property to see if the bonus cash is available to specific group (i.e. Military, College, Lender, …etc).