Api documentation

Api documentation

Vehicle Inventory Listings

Vehicle Listings
v2 v1
This resource provides a list of cars available for sale at a specific dealership.


Sort options

You can sort by the following properties with either ** asc** or ** desc** appended to it. For example, if you want to search by ascending price, you set sort to **price asc** (i.e. sort=price asc).
If you want to sort by multiple properties, you should separate them by comma. Example, *sort price:asc,distance asc*

You can sort on any request parameter list for a particular endpoint.

Filter options

You can use the basicFilter query string parameter to filter out the results. You can add as many basicFilter=value key/value pairs to the query string. The value of the basicFilter has to follow this format:


The double quotes are important.

You can use the basicFilter with any response key for a particular endpoint.